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Latex Clothing – The Skintight Side of Sexy Attire

Latex Clothing – The Skintight Side of Sexy AttireWhen you’re shopping for sexy lingerie and clothing, there are many styles and materials to choose from. From sumptuous satin camisoles to luxurious leather corsets, you can create a new recipe for feeling and looking confidently seductive every night of the week. But there is one material that quite literally outshines all others when it comes to fitting like a second skin, and that material is the foundation of our latex clothing!

Latex clothing and lingerie is commonly considered fetish fashion, and its popularity in the BDSM community among others has helped it climb from a hard-to-find fabric to the readily-available fabric it is today. While you might not find fetish clothing hanging alongside cotton sundresses at your local department stores, a wider appreciation for the material combined with the wonderful connective power of the Internet has made it much easier and cheaper to be a fan of latex clothing.

Whether you’ll be treating your partner to a private show in latex lingerie, or are active in the fetish community and are looking for latex looks to wear to your next event or party, SinCityPlaywear.com offers an extensive selection of wet-look wonders that are practically dripping with sex appeal! Ready to update your latex wardrobe? Here’s some latex lingerie and clothing must-haves that will instantly transform you into your sexiest self…

Latex Bra – The right bra can make all the difference in any scenario, and that certainly applies to a latex bra as well! This patent-finish bra features adjustable straps and a lace-up front for a customizable fit while an underwire demi cup provides captivating cleavage and figure-flattering support. A customer favorite from Allure Leather, this latex bra is an affordable indulgence that looks far more expensive than its modest price tag. You can even wear it underneath a loose fitting top and revel in the exciting little secret underneath!

Latex Catsuit – No latex clothing collection is complete without a latex catsuit! Ours is from Allure Leather and features a curve-hugging design that transforms you into liquid loveliness. Those lucky enough to look upon you in this zip-up catsuit will surely purr with pleasure as it enhances every inch of your body. The zipper stops just below the bust for a cut that definitely has cleavage in mind while the full-coverage back leaves ever-so-little to the imagination. Unstoppably shiny, this latex catsuit gives the illusion that you’ve just stepped out of the water. If only swimsuits were this sexy!

Latex Dress – Combining a tight-fitting top with a flirty skirt, this latex dress has an almost innocent quality about it that showcases the appeal of latex as both a ‘second skin’ fabric and a fabric fit for flare. Wide straps and a built-in underwire provide showstopping support for cleavage that simply doesn’t quit! With a back zipper and hemline that hits just below your derriere, this mini dress brings that glossy patent-finish you love. This design is also wildly flattering on most figures, adding curves with its flared skirt, or enhancing the curves you’ve got!

Browse our complete collection of latex clothing from Allure Leather to find your fashionable, fetish-y favorites. With our low prices and abundance of options, you can grab a few pieces for what you might expect to pay for just one!