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Allure PVC ClothingIf you have been searching for sexy PVC Clothing wear that's sure to bring excitement, then you won't go wrong with PVC Lingerie and HOT Vinyl Lingerie. There's something about a hot body all wrapped in Vinyl fetish clothing and Lingerie or under latex's shine that's just too tantalizing to describe.

See for yourself when you order PVC Lingerie bustiers, bikinis, corsets, and more at SinCityPlaywear.com. Combine these already sexy PVC Clothing items with features such as zippers, lace-ups, and cut-outs, and you'll see just how hot things can get. We bring you the best of lingerie online stores with our huge selection and affordable pricing.

You can afford to experiment and keep things fun for yourself or anyone else who might like to take part in your fantasies. Why wait any longer, when you know this is what you really want? Come take a look and start imagining the possibilities of where this sexy pvc clothing might take you next.

Allure Leather 11-4507 Vinyl Corset
Allure Leather 11-4407 Pink Vinyl Corset
Allure Leather 11-4807 Leopard Print Vinyl Corset
Allure Leather 11-5307 Sexy Vinyl Corset
Allure Leather 11-3307 Purple Vinyl Corset
Allure Leather 11-5807 Sexy Vinyl Corset
Allure Leather 11-8607 Pink Vinyl Corset
Latex and Leather Lingerie 1-1057 Patent Lace Up Bra
Latex Lingerie 13-1057 Patent Skirt
Latex and Leather Lingerie 13-1107  Patent Mini Skirt
Latex and Leather Lingerie 13-8077 Laced Garter Skirt
Lace Up Vinyl Teddy  4-2657X
Sexy 11-3037 Allure Vinyl Corset
Allure Leather 11-2077 Black Vinyl Corset
Sexy 11-6607 Allure Vinyl Corset
Allure Leather 11-5507 Vinyl Corset with Buckles
Allure Leather 11-5057 Lace Up Vinyl Corset
Black Vinyl Corset
Allure Leather 11-2557 Vinyl & Brocade Corset
Allure 11-7041 Soft Touch Vinyl “La Bella” Corset
Vinyl Peek-A-Boo Dress  17-4037
Allure Leather 4-3027 Seductive Teddy